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Beautiful Blooms

By Marcus Hirst, May 25, 2017 DESIGN & LAYOUT


If you’re London bound, you’ll know we’ve been blessed with wonderful weather this past week, and it seems that the long awaited summer is finally here! However, let’s not forget that the British Summer is notoriously very rainy. Rain is not all doom and gloom, for both sunshine + rain are excellent catalysts for blossoming gardens!

The design of your garden can have a huge influence on your indoor space, and we always remind our clients of this when we are designing their home extensions. Your garden design will impact lighting, colour and the overall atmosphere of your property. Rear extensions often end up being the part of the house which makes direct contact with the garden. We therefore recommend that you consider redesigning your garden to complement your new extension so you can make the most out of both spaces. One way to do this is by making your garden ‘pop’ all year round.

How do I keep my garden colourful?

British gardens need to be incredibly versatile, as our weather and sunlight hours change considerably throughout the year. You need flowers and plants that can thrive in both cold, freezing conditions, but also flourish in the warm, humid months. It’s difficult to find plants that can do both, so the trick is to plant a variety that can thrive in the months they like best.

It’s important to plan (and plant) ahead! Plant before the earth becomes waterlogged or icy; early winter provides the best time to plant dormant shrubs or bare-root roses. Planting bulbous plants such as daffodils, snowdrops or crocuses will give you plenty of colour in the warmer months of spring. Plant tender summer-flowing bulbs such as gladioli in early spring and Nerines late summer for them to bloom in autumn.

What if I have limited ground space?

Let’s face it, we’re in London and space is hard to come by! Extensions tend to take away from your garden, but with some careful planning you might actually end up with more usable space both in your home and garden.

If you’re low on ground space or just want something low maintenance, hanging baskets and window boxes are a fantastic and colourful solution. Window boxes also offer a wonderful view from inside your home, and offer the illusion of large bushes below your window. Crocuses and Ivy look great in the winter, with Fuchsia’s and Lobelia offering some colour in the summer. Of course, you don’t even need flowering plants if pollen is an issue, a window box herb garden is simple to maintain and incredibly useful in the kitchen.

Looking for a Buzz?

Our wild bees are considered to be in decline, but if you plant nectar and pollen rich flowers you can help reduce this trend! Flowers with long petals and deep flowers are likely to attract birds (not great for households cats) while brighter, flatter and singular flowers such as Dahlias, Lavender, and honeysuckle attract bees and insects. Mixing herbs and flowers together will look pretty, and be somewhat self-maintaining.

We work closely with clients and their available garden space to design something unique and bespoke for them. Going beyond flowerpots and herb gardens, we offer an extensive range of landscaping facilities for you and your new extension. If you want to find out more or have any questions, please feel free to ring us on 0207 242 5353 or drop us an email at – our team of design experts will be happy to help.

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