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Design Around Entertaining

By Leena Tulsidas, August 10, 2018 DESIGN & LAYOUT


Kitchens are more than just spaces for cooking. They have become a space for social gatherings, a hub for day to day activities or even a place for the kids to do their homework whilst you’re whipping up a storm. If you are looking to design a kitchen fo0r a range of activities, you will need to consider the fundamentals with care. Whether you want to have movie nights in, host late night cocktail parties, or just cook up a storm, we have highlighted some tips on how to design your kitchen around entertaining.

Integration with the Garden

Extending your home gives you the opportunity to rethink your relationship with your garden. The addition of glazing to the rear provides great natural lighting and a wonderful view of the landscape. There are a numerous door styles to choose from including Crittall, French, sliding and bi-fold doors. Allow your kitchen to double in size as you open it up to form one seamless space from the inside to outside.

Snug Spaces

Dedicating some space to a small snug with a cosy sofa is a great way of giving your kitchen a homely feel. It is a great place to snuggle up with a good book whilst waiting for your Sunday roast, watching some TV with the family or having a coffee with a friend. A cosy sofa by the view of the garden or under the skylights will be a great addition to your kitchen for day to day activity and for entertaining.


Many extension projects aim to create an open plan space however, you may want to consider zoning the area. When designing your kitchen around entertaining, small pockets of spaces will split the space up to accommodate a range of activities. Consider a range of scenarious to help you understand how the space will be used. For example, where will you be cooking? How will guests move around the space? Where will snacks or main courses be served? Splitting up the space doesn’t necessarily mean putting up partitioning walls. Use your furniture, island or breakfast bar to divide up the space into smaller pockets of spaces whilst maintaining a visual connection through the open space.

Smart Storage

Keep your kitchen clutter-free with smart storage to ensure appliances, utensils and other kitchen tools are out of sight. This will give the illusion of a larger kitchen space and will allow you to hide all unneeded items when guests arrive. Islands are a great multifunctional storage solution. You can choose to position the hob and preparation areas around the island so you engage in socialising as well as cooking.

Dining Spaces

Opening up your kitchen can give you space for a sizeable dining table, allowing you to seat plenty of guests. Dining tables underneath skylights or by a large opening will allow for a brighter dining space with a gorgeous view. As well as a formal dining space, islands are perfect for social gatherings and even for daily use. Islands are a practical addition to your new kitchen as they provide extra storage, preparation space and act as a great place to grab a quick bite to eat, or have drinks for events.

If you are considering an extension and are interested designing your home around entertaining – give us a call and book in for a site visit. Our Design Team are happy to help and talk through any questions you have. To book your site visit, get in touch with our team today on 020 7242 5353.

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