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Kitchen Glamour

By Leana Gardner, March 14, 2018 DESIGN & LAYOUT


There are loads of ways to inject glamour into the home, and undertaking a home extension offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Kitchens are becoming the focal point of the home, especially when it comes to socialising and entertaining. For this reason, it’s a good place to start when thinking about your design. Here are a few ideas which may inspire some allure and make this your kitchen a place you can’t bear to tear yourself away from.

Breakfast Bar

Kitchen islands can be designed to double as a breakfast bar, adding a valuable seating area to your kitchen. The kitchen island offers families a unique space to socialise with friends or as an informal eating space sitting at the ‘bar’. Alternatively, one side of a U-shaped kitchen design could incorporate a breakfast bar. This layout can help separate different areas in an open plan room and enclose the kitchen space without completely separating it off, allowing for both a fantastic view into the garden and a sociable space.


Mood lighting is a great way to transform the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Colourful mood lighting works well in seated areas designed for socialising. It’s also a good idea to consider dimmer lights, perhaps for the lights above the dining table. Then you can choose between a bright, useful, direct light during dinner that can be dimmed to a low light for after dinner socialising.

Add Colour and Shine

Some people like to have very simple décor for their kitchens, however it’s always nice to add a bit of colour. This could be a feature wall or some decorative tiles above your kitchen counters. Or you could opt for some very simple, yet elegant furniture like our clients have done in SW2, with a brightly coloured sofa, multi-coloured dinner chairs and some high shine elements such as bronze and silver.


Floor finishes are a massive eye catcher and can really impact the way a space looks and feels so it’s really important that you do your research on this one. Many of our clients like the idea of blending the inside and outside spaces when extending their homes. This can make both spaces feel much larger which is always a major positive in London, and it also helps to better connect the new space to the old. Our clients in N5 made their kitchen super glam by blending a gorgeous polished concrete floor inside with superbly colourful and patterned tiling outside.

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