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Plant Your Way Happy

By Marcus Hirst, March 2, 2018 DESIGN & LAYOUT


Plants can add an extra dimension to any room and studies show that their presence can reduce stress and make you generally happier. It’s sometimes hard to know where to put a plant and display it in the best way without cluttering up your home. Cacti, succulents and pothos are some more hard-wearing indoor plants. Aloe and Palm are also excellent and a bit larger if you really want to add different shades and hues of green. A room can feel incomplete without freshly cut flowers or pot plants to add life and vibrancy, so we have compiled some green inspiration for you to liven up your home.

Tiny Ecosystems

Terrariums are spectacular displays that provide a small, yet beautiful ecosystem of clustering plants in a glass container. These can be tricky at first to set up since you need plants that like the same kind of moisture and light levels together, but with a little practice and research it’s possible to create some really great plant ‘families’. The results can be amazing and look very well-crafted almost anywhere in the home.

Creative Glass

Glass containers can range from bespoke hand-blown vases to ordinary jars you get from the supermarket. Re-using jars and giving them new inhabitants always works well. If you want something more bespoke, try hanging glass containers in a chandelier type formation. You can buy lovely bulbous glass pieces online and create your own cascade of plants.

Spider Plants

Bathrooms are notoriously difficult places to keep plants as they can often have little light and become very humid. Spider plants thrive in humid conditions and will actually help de-humidify the space and oxygenate the air at the same time. Spider plants are very easy to propagate as they grow smaller ‘daughter’ clones every once in a while that you can pick off and repot. Keep repotting and soon enough, you will have your very own feature wall.

Herb Pots

Kitchens are another useful place for plants; especially herbs. The planters themselves really shine here, adding a lovely splash of colour. Use fragrant plants such as oregano, dwarf kaffir lime trees, rosemary or mint. Not only are they extremely handy for cooking; they will also help to freshen up the kitchen and get rid of any unwanted cooking smells. You could even have a bespoke kitchen island made with a deep potting area in the middle, to house all your handy herbs.

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