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Re-vamp Your Homes Exterior

By Leena Tulsidas, April 26, 2018 DESIGN & LAYOUT


Adding value to your home whilst gaining additional space are two of the most exciting advantages of having any kind of extension built, whether that’s a ground floor or loft. Especially once you begin envisioning what the new space could be; an open plan kitchen, kid’s play area, a gym or even an extra bedroom with a large en-suite.

Remember that making the internal extension look great is just as important as making the exterior of your home look great. Keeping the external property from wear, tear and adhering to routine upkeep will keep your home looking stunning and preserve the value of your home. With so many ways to do this, Build Team are here to guide you through the top four so you can make your home just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Power Wash and Sandblast

A home’s exterior is exposed over the years to a multitude of natural and man-made elements ranging from sunlight, wind, rain, pollution, smoke and dirt. As a City, London is more so exposed to these man-made elements, allowing for exterior paint to erode, stains to form and cracks to appear at a much faster rate. One option to reverse this aging process and give your home a face lift is to power wash the bricks as well as the roof to get rid of dirt and moss. Another option is to get the exterior sandblasted. This option is better for walls that may have a cement, gravel, paint or render finishing.  Sandblasting will completely strip this excess material from the walls, giving a new texture and fresher colour to the property.


Most London houses are constructed from London stock brick. Whilst this material has stood the test of time, weathering and decay can still cause unwanted voids in the joints between masonry units allowing for water to enter the property and an undesirable amount of damp. One solution is to get the brick work repointed. Repointing is the process of renewing the pointing (the external part of mortar joints) in order to repair damage and make the property look crisp.


If you have tiles missing or loose, giving your roof a makeover will help keep cracks and leaks at bay and ensure your homes insulation is at maximum. If your roof appears even slightly shabby, it may be time to update your roof with some nice new tiles. This will upgrade the look of your home from the street and should last another 20-50 years depending on the quality of tiles that you go for.

All the Small Things

Something as simple as getting your windows or walls re-painted will dramatically update your home. Most painted windows don’t get repainted as often as they should so you may find many London homes looking a little sad with their paint peeling off. By stripping the old paint off and re-painting, this will massively freshen up the exterior of your home. Once you have gone through all the above steps, it may be time to jazz up the exterior by adding some accessories. Including a porch light can give you that oh, so homely and welcoming feeling, as well as pot plants lining the path or some new shiny numbers on the door.

If you are considering an extension and would like your interior to look just as stunning as your exterior –  give us a call and book a site visit. Our Design Team are happy to help and talk through any questions you have. To book your site visit, get in touch with our team today on 0207 242 5353.

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