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Repainting Your Home, Basecoat to Finish

By Marcus Hirst, May 12, 2017 DESIGN & LAYOUT


Looking for a change? Easy, why not try a change of colour? Colour can have a massive impact on your home, making small areas look bigger and larger areas more warm and cosy. Now is the perfect time to concoct some unique paint colour and break out the paintbrushes.

When painting, ensure that the wall has been plastered ready for your primer layer to be applied. With all of our builds, we leave the walls at the plaster coat, so that you can choose your paint or decorative feature (eg. wall paper). The exposed brick effect on a feature wall has increased in popularity in recent years. You do not have to spend a lot to create the exposed brick wall look – there are various wallpapers and coverings that will give you a similar appearance.

The first stage in painting is to apply the primer layer. This helps the paint to stay on the walls for longer and hides the colour underneath. Mark off your corners with painter’s tape to get professional-looking clean lines. If you’re painting window frames, wet newspaper for the glass is an excellent and convenient alternative.

Apply the primer in a ‘W’ motion until you have your wall completely covered. Rather than watching the paint dry, now is a great time to head outside and do something with the family. It’ll keep any rogue fingers away from your pristine, primed walls.

When the primer is dry, use the now familiar ‘W’ stroke to apply the paint. Let the new colour settle in before you make any other changes, live with it for a fortnight and see what you think. If it’s not for you, prime over and start again! Once you’re happy, then you can start playing with your furniture placement. It’s always a better move to buy extra furniture when the placement is set and you’re happy with your colour. Matching things becomes much easier, especially after all that work you went through to paint the walls and to create your colour scheme.

We offer a fantastic interior design service which will take all the guesswork out of your new extension. We work closely with you to find furniture and match the colours. We then produce renders for you to see how everything will look before you commit to buy that sofa you’ve been dreaming of. To find out more about our interior design service or to book a Site Visit call us today on 0207 242 5353 or email

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