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Interior Design Service

Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting often goes unnoticed at the beginning as our clients are focused on methods to increase natural light. While you may not need any artificial light during the day, you will during the evenings so it’s important to think about where you want your lights to be and what kind of lights will suit your extension. Lighting can completely change the ambience of a room, so it’s well worth getting some guidance if you’re not sure.

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home, particularly in open plan living. In a space that’s used both to prepare food as well as socialise, the design of your kitchen is an important aspect to consider. Kitchens should be designed with efficiency in mind, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the design.

Open Plan Living

Open plan living has become popular in modern day living, particularly in homes where space is valuable. If you’re thinking about extending your kitchen, open plan living is an ideal choice because you’re likely to be left with a very generous finished room size. This room is too large to house just one function, so we recommend that our clients either combine their kitchen with another function, be this either a living or dining area.

Internal Features

Internal features can be great for functionality, but they can also look beautiful and give your design that personal touch. An internal window helps light flow throughout the property and it adds some character to an otherwise empty wall. Exposed brick is also becoming increasingly popular, and its small features like this that really makes your design unique to you.

Doors & Windows

The traditional design of a Victorian Terrace is not favourable to natural light. Creating an extension is the perfect opportunity to incorporate lots of the modern day features such as Velux Windows and Bi-Fold Doors, all of which will flood your home with natural light. There are endless choices at your disposable, so it’s important that you know the pros and cons to each and choose the option which will best suit both your preference and style.

Flooring Options

When it comes to choosing your floor, you need to consider two things. The first is the material and what qualities are associated with that material; the second is the design aspect, and what colours or textures are available and whether that will suit your style and décor. If you’re going for underfloor heating, you might want to consider slightly different materials, but we can talk you through what works best if you’re not sure.

What's Included?

Our Interior Design Service is £995 + VAT and is offered as a Bolt-On to our Design Phase.

To ensure you make the most out of your final design, we encourage all of our clients to think about the finishing touches at the very beginning, as we feel the interior of your extension is important to help shape you ‘shell’ design. Our Interior Design Service offers guidance on the materials you want to use, features such as internal windows and lighting, and how to make the most out of the space you have available. We help you visualise your extension by offering 3D Visuals of your proposed design, which encourages you to think about the space and how it will interact with your furnishings.

Our Interior Design Service includes:

  • Measured Survey
  • Design Consultation with our Interior Designer
  • Colour rendered images of your discussed design options
  • Advice on suppliers and materials to use, both internally and externally


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For more information on our Interior Design Service, please get in touch with us today and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.


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