Some of the Best Indoor Plants

September 13, 2019

Greenery naturally makes us happy, plants relax us not only by how beautiful they look but also by spreading pleasant scents around our homes and purifying the air we breathe. This could be the reason that the UK has seen a ‘growth’ in house plant popularity … Continue reading “Some of the Best Indoor Plants”

How To Retain Heat This Winter

January 7, 2019

After last years ‘Beast from the East’ we are sure everyone is wary of a ‘blast from the past’ this winter. There are many ways we can keep warm, however, blasting your heating is not only expensive but also harmful to the environment. We have put … Continue reading “How To Retain Heat This Winter”

Make The Most Out of Your Chimney Breast

December 24, 2018

Most homes in the UK tend to have a chimney stack- originally created to release smoke from the fire place. As homes have developed, so have chimney breasts. More people are opting to remove their unused chimney breast or even the entire stack altogether in order … Continue reading “Make The Most Out of Your Chimney Breast”

5 Tips For Designing A Child Friendly Home

December 10, 2018

As your family grows, you may lean towards extending your home to provide more space. Children have curious minds and are full of energy which is fantastic, but is all the more reason for you to re-evaluate the safety of your home and new extension. As … Continue reading “5 Tips For Designing A Child Friendly Home”

5 Benefits of Underfloor Heating

November 26, 2018

Underfloor heating is increasingly popular within properties, with many homeowners recognising the benefits over conventional radiators. Although it can have a slightly higher initial cost of installation, there are many long term benefits. We have highlighted five benefits offered by underfloor heating to help you weigh … Continue reading “5 Benefits of Underfloor Heating”

5 Tips To Keep Your Extension Cost Down

November 12, 2018

Extending your property comes with many benefits, whether you are looking to live in the house long term or whether you are looking to sell it. We have put together a few of our top tips to keeping down the costs of your extension. SQM The … Continue reading “5 Tips To Keep Your Extension Cost Down”